Thida is half Thai Half Chinese, mixed race kid who is born and bred in Thailand. Growing up in country side,
she is always fascinated about Thai’s ways of life and enjoys Thai food very much.

Thida got the opportunity to learn language in Boston and later while working at the school on the International day,
she was quite impressed and later developed a dream to spread and share about Thai’s ways of living to foreign nationals
so that they can understand and accept the culture as much as possible.
She gained experience learning about the culture as well as the knowledge of being in foreign country.



Apart from studying langauges in the USA,
she was also working as an intern at the hotel and doing summer job at Grand Canyon at the same time.
Thida also got the opportunity to study for Master’s degree in Sweden, majoring in International Business and Entrepreneurship.

Taking into account with previous work she did in dealing with foreigners, whether in marketing,
selling English TV programs domestically and also participating in world-class events
such as the World Expo Milano 2015 gave her the opportunity to understand and recognize better of what foreigners think and want from Thailand.
She also received training from highly qualified Sumaa language and culture institute to teach Thai language to foreigners.

She also works as a professional tour guide with legal professional license,
therefore she’s able to explain/educate and share about Thai culture deeply.